Allison offers counseling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples.  She also offers career and academic counseling for those who are interested in exploring career options, or are in a career transition.  Her services are outlined in more detail below.

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples
Life can be challenging at times and issues may arise that create feelings of emptiness, anxiety or depression.  Sometimes people feel they are at a loss for a solution to their problems, or feel they are in a dead-end situation.  Allison knows and understands the unique challenges that individuals can face in self understanding, life transitions, relationships, career, child rearing, care giving and aging.  During counseling sessions, Allison can help facilitate an understanding of her client's particular issues and work toward finding the most appropriate solution and outcome for them.  Allison works with her clients to find the courage within themselves to address their life situation and initiate positive changes in their lives.

 Allison's areas of expertise are:

  • Psychotherapy and life coaching for the achievement of one's highest and best good
  • Understanding and overcoming feelings of emtiness, anxiety and depression
  • Improving and enhancing relationships
  • Cognitive and Behavioral techniques for eliminating self defeating behaviors and self talk

  • EMDR for overcoming PTSD including emotional, sexual and physical trauma

  • Improving Self esteem, communication and personal empowerment
  • Gaining clarity on personal and career issues
  • Managing aging and life transitions
  • Developing positive and meaningful relationships with significant others, family and friends
  • Developing more effective parenting skills
  • Setting appropriate boundaries
  • Care giving for significant others, children and aging parents
  • Gaining clarity on one's spirituality
  • Overcoming negative and outdated thinking and self talk
  • Goal setting and follow through

How does counseling and psychotherapy work?

Allison helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their feelings and needs and helps them gain clarity on irrational beliefs and messages that no longer serve them.  She assists clients as they develop the steps and daily tools necessary to initiate positive changes in their lives. Please click here and you will be guided to the FAQ section.  Scroll to the question about therapeutic techniques to learn more about the process used for counseling.

Career Counseling and Coaching

For information on Career Counseling and Coaching click here.