How can I benefit from psychotherapy or the non therapeutic services of life coaching or career counseling?

There are numerous benefits for individuals who participate in these therapeutic and non therapeutic services. Often it is helpful just to know that someone understands. Allison helps her clients gain a clearer perspective on their issues and goals. These services can provide clarity on issues and a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or issue in a person's life. Through this clarity and perspective, new understandings and solutions emerge that can be implemented for the growth and enhanced well-being of the client. Clients who benefit most are the ones who diligently work outside of the sessions and practice what they learn.

How long are the sessions and how often do they occur?

Sessions are normally 50 minutes, but can be longer if desired.  Generally sessions are once a week, but some clients prefer to have sessions every other week or once a month.  It is acceptable to establish any sort of schedule that works including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed sessions. 

What is Allison's therapeutic orientation for psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy Orientation- Integrative 

Allison uses a number of philosophies in her psychotherapy and tailors her techniques to the individual.  Generally there is a psychodynamic orientation initially to uncover past experiences that have shaped thoughts and belief systems that may no longer serve the client.  Often Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) is incorporated in the sessions, which sheds light on the clients thought and belief system.  RET brings to light outdated thought patterns and irrational or negative beliefs and allows the client to learn to interpret conditions and events  in a more positive fashion that is in alignment with the client's current reality. Many thought patterns and beliefs are learned in childhood, or were true at one time, but they are no longer true and no longer serve the individual. These irrational thoughts and beliefs result in erroneous and damaging self-appraisals that have a negative impact on a person’s life, self concept and self esteem. The goal is to discover these long held thoughts and beliefs and understand that they are no longer accurate or useful. Once recognized, the negative thoughts are challenged and exchanged for more accurate and rational thoughts and beliefs, which support the client's self esteem and well being.

What are non therapeutic services and what services does Allison offer in this area?

Many of the services that Allison provides are considered non therapeutic and therefore do not fall under the realm of psychotherapy.  Career Counseling and Life Coaching fall under this category.


Career Counseling and Life Coaching

These services are non-therapeutic and focus on the  client's interests and goals. Allison will usually offer the client an interest inventory to expedite the process. Every possible career option will be explored once interests are established. After that, goals will be set with specific steps outlined, so the client will have a clear direction and plan for reaching his or her goals once the sessions have been completed. For people who already know their career direction and goals, Allison also has a strong background in techniques that support clients in their job search, such as interviewing skills and resume writing. These skills give clients the competitive edge in seeking the job or career of their dreams.


What are Allison's rates for sessions?

Allison's normal rate is $140.00 per 50 minute session and she has a sliding scale option as well.  Allison is a netwwork provider with Aetna, United Healthcare and Cigna.  If health insurance is not an option, clients can self pay, and Allison's rates are based on a sliding scale according to her client's ability to pay.  Payment is made immediately after the session and Allison accepts cash, checks, HSA cards, PayPal and Zelle as forms of payment.

What is Allison's Cancellation Policy?

Allison understands that unavoidable issues come up for clients, but asks that her clients kindly give at least 24 hours notice if they must cancel a session.   Appointments cancelled 24 hours in advance, are not charged.  You may email or call Allison's voice mail and leave a message to cancel your appointment.  If you cancel your appointment because of an emergency, you will not be charged.  However, non emergency cancellations without the required 24 hour notice will be charged.  It is important to know that insurance and EAP services cannot be billed for the missed session.